Trusting The Process - From Ugly Duckling to Prince Charming

By: Orlene Campbell

Trusting The Process - From Ugly Duckling to Prince Charming

Tags: Real Estate Renovations, Preparing to list your home



I first met Jennifer in early December 2020. She had the arduous task of now selling the home her dear parents lived in since 1999. Talk about taking a step back in time. It really was retro’d back to 1999. ORIGINAL 1999 green, yes GREEN pile carpet…(where I might add, the cat had a few “cat-scratch fever dates” with and had scratched right down to the underlay), dark dingy paint throughout, vibrant green kitchen countertop, and “blow me up” out of date cheap brass fixtures from top to bottom.Yikes….
We had our work cut out for us. The ugly duckling……

The first STEP with a successful sale is the “BUY-IN”.

My clients have to trust and do exactly what is needed to get the home to a showmanship state. This is officially not their home anymore, it is MINE! Homes that are up for sale are not liveable, they are SALEABLE! We have to disengage everything we know and love about the home and make it the most appealing to the mass of buyers we have out there in this very challenging “Seller’s Market” Jennifer did just that.

I am armed with a secret weapon, my stager. This is all she does. She walks in, independent of me, and takes over. From choosing the most appealing paint colors to accent walls, right down to who is going to clean the windows. The staging process is the most challenging. This is where she can either take over and get it done for the homeowner, or they can roll up their sleeves and do it themselves, depending on their budget. 

Here was our task and what was recommended for this home; New paint throughout, replace the carpet, new counter-top in the kitchen, replace ALL the old out of date brass fixtures throughout, and STAGE the home. Jennifer wasn’t quite there. She agreed to paint and stage.

Hey, we’re off to a good start. The home can be listed for about $399,000 for a successful sale, is what I tell her. 

Away, she goes……the painting begins and she uses the paint colours recommended. What happens next is the real “buy-in”.

Jennifer, on her own, can see it transforming, so what does she do? She books new carpet installation, resurfaces the counter-top in the kitchen (no easy task, I might add), changes all of the fixtures from brass to chrome finishes, changes out the old tired VERY DIRTY coil stove to ceramic cooktop stove and…….. all of this was done between Christmas and New Years during a pandemic, I might add!


We went to the market in the first week of 2021.

What happens next is HISTORY MAKING.

The pent-up year-end demand meant we had over 200 showings, 8 bully offers, and 51 final offers, 5 days after going on the market. The property sold almost 50% over List Price. The good news is, one family has a beautiful, updated, fresh new home to move into. The underside to this, is…50 other families are still looking!


But most of all, a client who understood and TRUSTED the “Process”! 

Thank you, Jennifer, and THANK YOU to all my clients who give me the keys to their home, the ability to transform anything they have into a market-ready home everyone clammers for! 

We are not just sales representatives, we’re your neighbor, we become friends and a trusted source for anything you might need in the future.